This is Why I Squat T-Shirt

Most athletes and weight lifters know that a squat is an exercise where the person is sitting low in a crouching position with the legs drawn up to the front of the body.  Giving our This is Why I Squat T-Shirt a whole new meaning.  This custom t-shirt tells everyone that the wearer wants the viewer to see the results of exactly what this competitive and difficult exercise can do for the body.  And how beautiful the body can look because of this exercise.

Whether it is worn with an arrow pointing to the buttocks on a female, or up to the arm muscles on a male, this shirt shows exactly how the body is carved with perfect structure because of these deep knee bends.  You may have heard people say, “I don’t give a squat”, meaning they don’t care.  This is not the t-shirt for those individuals.  This is why I squat t-shirts are for the person who wants to show why they give a squat and what the results are for working so hard and caring for their body.   So get out there and show everyone why you squat while wearing a This is Why I Squat T-Shirt by Raging Rhino Sports Apparel.

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